Šiandien yra 2019.03.26

Ilguva Social Care Home occupies the former manor of the Grincevičiai in the village of Ilguva, Šakiai District. The manor is part of the Panemuniai Regional Park, its buildings stand on the bank of the Nemunas with a fine prospect of Veliuona and the village of Klangiai. There, at Ilguva, the river of Nyka, depicted once by Petras Cvirka, joins the Nemunas.

 A nursing home for elderly people, subordinate to the county administration, was first established in 1933. In 1940 it moved to the former manor and, later that same year, became the nursing home for elderly and disabled people. Then, in 1979 it was renamed internatas (a kind of a rest home in Lithuania). In 1985 its function changed and the word “psychoneurological” was added to its name. In 1990 it was renamed again, this time pensionatas (another name of a rest home in Lithuania). In 2010 it became a social care home.

 Ilguva Social Care Home is subordinate to the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, the Republic of Lithuania, and aims to secure long-term/short-term social care to disabled adults when their disability makes living independently and using other community services a struggle and when they require constant care of professionals. The social care home accepts people with mental disabilities or disorders who are 60% to 100% disabled, require special constant care/nursing (assistance) or have high/medium special needs.

 In its activities, the social care home abides by the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, the international treaties signed by Lithuania, the Law on Social Services of the Republic of Lithuania, and other resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. The social care home collaborates with local municipal agencies, as well as public organisations offering care and support services.

 The social care home now has 75 residents coming from Marijampolė County and other regions across Lithuania; they are those who require care, nursing, and cannot live at home or independently.

 The care home has an active Council of Residents.